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I see this everyday on my way to work. Why would you just dump this on the side of the road?? It's been sitting there forever!
-Laura M., West TN

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National studies have consistently shown that 18-34 year olds contribute the most to deliberate litter. During the spring of 2006, we contacted 600 18-34 year olds across the state of Tennessee to see what they thought about litter. Here are some of the results.

Gender and Litter

While both men and women understand the implications of litter in TN, men are more likely to litter. 8% of men said they litter everyday as opposed to 2% of women. Overall, 57% of women say they never litter. Only 37% of men claim to never litter.

What is litter?

99% of respondents thought bottles, cans and cups were litter. Only 58% thought a banana peel or an apple core is litter.

Age and Litter

As people get older, they litter less.

Why is Litter Harmful?

62% said litter affects the way other people view their communities. 27% thought litter most impacts the environment. 6.5% said it negatively affects economic development. 4.7% said it affects public safety.

Cigarette Butt Litter

Only half of the smokers polled said they properly dispose of their cigarette butts (i.e. extinguish in ash receptacles or throw the butts in trash cans). 20% said they frequently toss butts out of their car windows.

Litter Law Enforcement

81% of respondents said legal penalties would stop them from littering.

TN 2007 Litter Law TCA 39-14-5

Tennessee has an average of 5,100 pieces of litter per mile on urban freeways. Thirty percent is deliberate litter from people in vehicles and 70% is negligent litter from unsecured loads. Click here to view/print our brochure on TN 2007 Litter Law TCA 39-14-5.

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